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Japan led the way in the 1970's when it came to reproducing denim on the original looms, long abandoned by the big names in the USA. Two brothers started this revolution and still make the denim for McCoy's to this day from their 200 year old workshop in Kojima.


Since acquiring the licence for the name, Hitoshi Tsujimoto of The Real McCoy's has managed to breathe life into a brand that had once faded away.


Classic American shirts that are built to last. McCoy's use the best fabrics on the market making them an easy wear that only gets better with time.

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New arrivals from our Fall Winter collection, available both online and in our London store
  1. The Real McCoy's Military Canvas Training Shoes (Black) MA17010

    The Real McCoy's

    Military Canvas Training Shoes

    Black & White

  2. Fleck Nep Trousers

    Joe McCoy

    Fleck Nep Trousers


  3. Type MA-1 / First in Viet Nam

    The Real McCoy's

    Type MA-1 / First in Viet Nam


  4. N-1 DECK / U.S.S. COD

    The Real McCoy's

    N-1 DECK / U.S.S. COD


  5. M-1951 Parka

    The Real McCoy's

    M-1951 Parka


  6. Type B-10 Rough Wear

    The Real McCoy's

    Type B-10 Rough Wear


  7. Blue Cold Weather Jacket

    The Real McCoy's

    Blue Cold Weather Jacket


  8. Vintage Products Bible

    Lightning Magazine

    Vintage Products Bible
    $33.75 (Tax Free)