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"Why you may ask? Why a mens print magazine when we are witnessing the demise of print publications daily? 

Well, part of the answer is-I like print. I like the tactile page, how ink takes to paper, thoughtful graphic design, how imagery is viewed as light reflects off the page-not backlit from a screen. Magazines don't need batteries, a cord, or a charge, and they usually survive a spilled cocktail (or a few) at the pool .

The other reason? I have waited too long for something like this to come around. I have been searching for some time for a publication that spoke to me-the whole me, not just a part of me. The guy who loves well-crafted and well-tailored things, simple food, a good story, an off-the-beaten path trip, a good hunt, a trout stream, European sports cars, pickup trucks, a well-made cocktail, or an unapologetic can of cheap lager beer. These are some of the specifics that have begun to define what Wm Brown has become. Wm Brown has always been an unpredictable collection of many types of men. Its ideology finds its inspiration from the men in my life-my father, my grandfathers, the men I admired growing up, and friends-confident, thoughtful men who devour life and all its subtleties. Men who have learned to be comfortable in their skin, found their uniform and purpose, and set that example for other generations Call me old fashioned for many reasons: for loving the printed page, slow deliberate craft, analog life, the solitude of the woods, mechanical things, a simple meal, a solid drink, and a good cigar I am publishing Wm Brown seasonally. I've thought for sometime about how we, as men, approach the details of the seasons so differently: how we dress, what we eat and drink, what we drive, how we travel, perhaps even what watch we wear. I'm delighted to launch the first issue in my favorite season of them all-fall. This magazine will not be all things for all men, but it will be so much of what I care about, and I know I am not alone."

- Matt Hranek 


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