The Real McCoy's is a brand like no other. To many the outdated features of vintage clothing have little significance in today's modern society, but this is exactly what influences the brand. American fashion of the 1940's and 1950's is a source of great inspiration; a young country unburdened by the restrictions of traditional customs, one that’s uninhibited, rational and innovative.

However, this ideology is not enough. To make extraordinary clothing with vintage details and twists requires the sensitive minds and outstanding work of craftsmen in Japan. They are highly skilled at manufacturing materials using the same methods and machinery from the past. Whilst they endeavour to create the very best reproduction, they also seek to make it even better than the original.

The catalyst for the brand has been its owner Mr Hitoshi Tsujimoto, who has incredible vision. Originally an esteemed vintage collector and dealer, he took the bold step of recreating some classic pieces from his vast collection. Much of the team around him has been involved in the process since the beginning, and to visit the brand’s headquarters is akin to watching a close knit family at work - all sharing the same values and vision.

The Real McCoy's brand is split into distinct sub brands to give each one a clear identity. The name refers to the Military reproductions from the US Navy, Army and Airforce.

Joe McCoy includes American sportswear, denim and workwear.

Double Diamond - which was bought out by Joe McCoy in 1912 - is a line that’s dedicated to reproducing actual vintage work wear from the turn of the century.

Buco is the legendary motorcycle clothing brand (started by Joseph Buegeleisen), and is famous for the J-100 and J-24 jackets among others. Since acquiring the licence for it, Hitoshi Tsujimoto has managed to breathe life into a brand that had faded away.